5 Reasons You Should Write Your Memoir

Kathryn Gray-White and Linda HughesEverybody has a story. What’s yours?

You may think your story isn’t worth telling, but all of us have had disappointments, triumphs, and comedy throughout our lives. Somebody out there is likely to enjoy your tale and to get something out of it, if it’s told in an engaging way. That’s why Katherine Gray White and I have started Mudsill Memoirs writing workshops.

At our live events and in our online classes, we teach that there are five good reasons for penning
your story:

  1. Preserve your personal, family, and community history.
  2. Take in the breadth and scope of your life, recapturing lost dreams and desires.
  3. Honor your life-long traditions through timeless storytelling.
  4. Give yourself the gift of reflection.
  5. Have fun and more fun.

Sound good? Click here to learn more about our online writing workshop, Write Your Life Story.

Join us! We’d love to have you there.

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