Linda Hughes


The Beginning

When I was twelve years old I wrote in my diary that I would be a “writter” when I grew up. A native Michigander, I grew up in a small town in forest and lake country. Wanderlust hit early. I couldn’t wait to grow up and have exciting adventures like the characters in my favorite books.

The Middle

My college sweetheart and I married, and had some fun adventures of our own. But a happy ending was not written for us; he died of cancer and I was widowed at age twenty-eight. Hopes for a future with my loved one were dashed, so I took a long journey to seek insight into what to do with my new, uninvited life. Inspiration struck as I climbed the Great Pyramid in Egypt on a dazzling moonlit night. At that moment, I decided I was going to provide seminars and write books to help people in transition, people like me.

I spent two decades as a road warrior, traveling the world doing seminars on life balance, civility, and community building. I’ve worked in thirteen countries and visited many others. More than 100,000 people from all walks of life have attended more than 1,500 of my programs. Clients included the Knights of England, LucasFilm, Scottish Heritable Trust, Astley and Pearce of Singapore, the U.S. Departments of State and Defense, every branch of the U.S. military, a number of airlines, hotels, banks, education systems, and many more.

I feel fortunate to have come to know so many people from around the globe. I’ve learned much more from them than they could possibly have learned from me. I take their down-to-earth lessons and combine them with my most up-to-date inspirations to craft stories that are compelling, provocative, and just plain fun.

The Ending Continues…

Eventually, I remarried and acquired a terrific step-family. After more than a million miles in the air, it was time to finally settle down. I obtained a Doctorate degree and began a career as a college professor. I’ve since retired from the field of education in order to focus on my storytelling. 

Today, I enjoy writing historical romantic suspense, seasoned romance, and mystery. I have 20 published fiction and non-fiction books, and many more yet-to-be-told tales still in my head. I’ve received honors and awards from Indie Book of the Day, the National Writers Association, Writers Digest, the American Screenwriters Association, eLitAwards, Killer Nashville Silver Falchion, Georgia Romance Writers Mystery and Mayhem, and Baltic Writing Residency. 

Best of all, I love hearing from readers, from you, who enjoy my stories. That makes the little girl who couldn’t spell but knew she wanted to be a writer – and who still lives within me – very happy.

Here’s the quick version of my bio, good in case you ever have to introduce me and don’t want to have to make up stuff:

When she was twelve years old, this author wrote in her diary that she would be a “writter” when she grew up. Now, as a “writer,” she pens historical romantic suspense, mysteries, and seasoned romance. Here is #1 bestselling co-author and award-winning author Linda Hughes.